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Knight Errant: Tales of Chivalry is a game on a quest to bring the heart of the role-playing experience to a wide audience, by riding past leveling, grinding, and hoarding straight to telling meaningful stories influenced by the player’s choices. For those who have loved playing pencil and paper role-playing games, Knight Errant, will bring surprises and some of the silliness and spontaneity of traditional games. For those who loved the epic role-playing games of Bethesda, Obsidian, BioWare and others, Knight Errant will deliver moments of discovery and challenge, humor and poignancy. And for those who have never played a role-playing game, but who love keeping up with the episodic tales told by their favorite shows, or most adventurous friends, Knight Errant is designed to focus on one tale a time, letting you choose actions at each turn, but rather than testing those choices against a desired goal, the game will tell you the story those actions lead to!

In the spirit of fairy tales, fables, and the witty, irreverent, but contemplative and very human writing of the Middle Ages, Knight Errant: Tales of Chivalry will let you guide a knight through a strange land, choosing where to help, where to challenge, where to love, and where to fight. Keeping the tale telling to a big picture brevity, rather than a blow by blow account, neither travels nor combat will devour your free hours and frighten the children. Well, maybe a little.

Please follow along as this team of students negotiates the journey of learning and toiling to bring this game to life!

Here is a bit from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, which is a wonderful piece of literature and entertainment that has greatly inspired us in this endeavor!


A knight there was, and he a worthy man,

Who, from the moment that he first began

To ride about the world, loved chivalry,

Truth, honour, freedom and all courtesy.

Full worthy was he in his liege-lord’s war,

And therein had he ridden (none more far)

As well in Christendom as heathenesse,

And honoured everywhere for worthiness.

(although, in Knight Errant, the knight’s reputation and chivalry will be in your hands!)

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