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Knight Errant: Tales of Chivalry is a mobile, casual role-playing game in joint development at the Laguna College of Art + Design’s Art of Game Design MFA and the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering’s Advanced Game Projects program. It is being developed on Unity 3D for iOS.
Knight Errant aims to bring casual players the core of the role-playing experience, by avoiding leveling and grinding and hoarding, and focusing on compelling storytelling driven by player choices. In the tradition of Aesop, Chaucer, Rod Serling, and Terry Gilliam, we hope to tell suprise and delight players while challenging their assumptions and provoking thought.
Knight Errant is looking for talented people to help bring it to market! Engineers! Animators! 3D modelers! UI/UX experts! Social media experts! Production specialists! Writers! Artists! Designers! If you want to join us in bringing this project to life, please be in touch!


Thomas Olson

Creative Director

Thom is a 15 year veteran of AAA console and mobile development as a 3D and concept artist and team lead, with contributions to writing, design, and production on many projects, including the Ratchet & Clank and Reistance series’ at Insomniac Games, and DragonVale at Backflip Studios.
Knight Errant is his MFA thesis project, born of a love of story, RPGs, and medieval art and literature.

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Anli Ji


Anli is a student at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering’s Gamepipe. A passionate gamer, Anli is contributing to design as well as engineering.

Paulina Carlton

Lead Artist

2D Digital Artist and Senior at Laguna College of Art and Design.

Graham Southern


Graham Southern composes music in a number of genres for various media, including video games, films, trailers, and commercials. His compositions have been featured in respected award concerts and convey a wide range of emotions and sonorities. Having also studied psychology as an undergraduate, he has a profound understanding of human motivation and emotion, which, combined with his knowledge of music theory and composition, gives him an acute sensibility for storytelling through music. One of the most inspirational quotes he has read on music was by Jerry Goldsmith, who said “Don’t score the gallop — score the fear of the rider.” In that same sense, Graham aims to go above and beyond the obvious, and looks to what he can do to further inform the story and subtext by getting in the mind of the character(s). Also, having experience as a writer who has written under different genres including satire and standup comedy, he has an appreciation for the merit that is put into storytelling, be it a film, video game, tv series, or documentary.

Sarah Jacques


“As a concept designer my passion is bringing imaginary worlds to life”

Sarah is currently a senior at LCAD, where she is pursuing a bachelors degree in Game Art, and a minor in Animation

Kaylee Gifford


2D Digital Artist at Laguna College of Art + Design.

Alex Chung


Alex Chung is currently a student at Laguna College of Art and Design with an emphasis in 2D and 3D character design. With a passion in storytelling in video games, Alex is contributing in making assets for Knight Errant.

Lindsay Wood


Lindsay is a 3D modeler and artist studying at Laguna College of Art and Design. Her passion for video games started as soon as she could pick up a Gameboy, and she’s been determined to create games since. Along with modeling for games, she has a deep-rooted love for illustrating. Her favorite things to create are whimsical, stylized characters, though she is willing to create anything that is needed for the projects to which she contributes.

Jason Ulloa


Jason is a graduating CS Games major at USC, with a minor in Game Audio.
Outside of game development, he enjoys composing, writing, and adding to his massive game library.

Sam Riordan

Narrative Consultant

Sam Riordan, a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and former Narrative intern at Failbetter (Sunless Sea, Fallen London) is leading the development of narrative on Knight Errant.
Sam has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Architecture as part of the BXA Interdisciplinary Program, and has also studied RPG writing, game design, and interactive fiction as part of the IDeATe program.

Elena Gnacinski


Hello my name is Elena and this is my final semester here at LCAD and will be graduating with a game arts degree with the emphasis on Environmental design. I like to make my own games as a hobby with a friend of mine and its great to be part of another team like Knight Errant.

Andrea Riggio


Andrea is a junior in Game Art at LCAD with a 2D concept emphasis.

Loreign Manalo


Loreign is a student at UCI.


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Lead Engineer

We need an experienced engineer to put and keep us on the right track! The game is a branching narrative RPG with a wide array of artifacts and mounts that will unlock new narrative choices. We need a store and a social interface for sharing these items. And we need to capture screens from each game as pages in a readable manuscript! Developing in Unity 3D for iOS and Facebook (eventually).

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Lead Producer

We need a highly motivated and organized Producer to coordinate our distributed team and keep us on track! We are using Agile methodology to iterate toward shipable excellence! Work with a Project Director who knows the value of what you do and needs trustworthy help planning and coordinating!

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Lead Animator

We are looking for someone to animate characters in the 2D ‘paper puppet’ style, in the tradition of Terry Gilliam’s animations for Monty Python!

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In a game styled after an illuminated manuscript, the UI and the gameplay are heavily interrelated!
Be part of the shaping of the look and flow of Knight Errant
and guide our players to wisdom and adventure!

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First and foremost, Knight Errant is a role playing game that puts storytelling over leveling, grinding, and hoarding. We tell short stories that have an arc, some humor, meaning, and wit that encourage the player to explore consequences and look at things from different points of view. Come tell a story that means something to you!

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